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We assist enterprise leaders and their workforce with boosting their day-to-day business performance, and we offer help with inducing change and transformation. Is there more chaos than you can handle in your present-day business? Are you struggling with how to handle the future? Whatever scenario your enterprise is in, by offering fresh business perspectives, growing new mindsets and improving customer-supplier interactions, we create clarity, balance, transparency and velocity in the turbulence of everyday business life.

We make leaders think and act in a single heartbeat.

Our approach

Together with business owners, top executives, company managers and their workforce, we reinvent companies, from concept to care, top-down and bottum-up.

We facilitate and co-create vision and alignment. We provide support in solution design processes, detecting the powerful patterns in chaos in living processes. We provide a common language, a rhythm and repetition, until people can think and act on the pulse of their enterprise and are able to write a common story. That’s how we gently alter the DNA of your enterprise, transforming it into an agile, resilient and competitive organisation that is in tune with a rapidly changing world.

We do this by providing a common language, a methodology and business tools with a proven track record in the automotive, IT, logistics, energy, retail and food sector. We empower and engage, because we value human capital very highly. Through workshops, meetings, outdoor events: we go all the way until the entrepreneurial spirit has awakened in every working soul in your company.

“To do the right things right, at ViCre, we believe business leaders must operate on the intersection of three fundamental dimensions in business: effectivity, efficiency and execution. ”
— Eddy Helsen
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As a CEO or enterprise owner you are dealing with change, every day and everywhere to keep your company dynamic, yet stable and ready for the future. The ultimate balancing act in these times of disruption.

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Business Leaders

Your departments are competent and well-performing but the whole isn’t greater than the sum of its parts. As the manager in charge you want to encourage your co-workers to think value-driven and act fact-based.

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The war for talent is all around us: Attracting the right talents while retaining your current employees is today’s ultimate HR-challenge. We strongly believe in the power of people to make every organization grow wings.

Receiving from the Ocean

A Must-Read for Current and Future Leaders

We are proud to present our brand new publication on business transformation!

To successfully operate in this era of rapid technological and societal change, ruled by demanding customers, shareholders, employees and an environment in distress, today’s and tomorrow’s leaders need a receptive, humble mind to create dynamic and resilient enterprises. At ViCre, we call this ‘Receiving from the Ocean‘.

To make complex business challenges crystal clear, they need to speak an easy, uniform language throughout all levels of business, so that goals, strategies, plans and reports become hands-on working tools, stripped of ambiguity, understandable to all.

Offering a collection of unique business tools and systems, this book contains everything you need to optimize your current business and shape it into an agile, people-centered, futureproof enterprise

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