Receiving from the Ocean

Receiving from the Ocean

Doing the right things right in a new world

Since early 2020 business resilience and agility are being challenged in unprecedented ways. The way we think and act, how we design and innovate, communicate and report, the processes we rely on to build solutions, the organization of the workplace, how we achieve growth and performance: it has all changed permanently, in ways that are hard to predict for business leaders.

How to rethink your business into a competitive, resourceful and adaptive organism that can also thrive in this new world?

Keep on walking is the answer to that question. Relying on the power of systematic thinking and acting, repetition and rhythm to find clarity in chaos and to successfully implement change, this book provides a unique collection of management, assessment and process modelling tools that will help leaders from all industries with the rebirth of their business.

A simple system to manage transformation from multiple perspectives.

“Even if your company is the size of whale, it should move like a pod of agile dolphins.”
— Eddy Helsen
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Receiving from the Ocean. Doing the right things right in business
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Eddy Helsen | 175 p. | 28,5 € (BE-NL) / 31 $ + shipping costs | ISBN 9789464007855 | hardcover 16,5 x 23,5 cm