About us: Creating Clarity in the Turbulence of Business Life

ViCre, short for Vision Creation, is an internationally operating Belgian company that accompanies enterprises during their business transformations so they can excel in the present and safeguard their future. In these increasingly uncertain and complex times, change is the only certainty to cling to for companies. Change is what propels enterprises forward, what enables them to stand tall and grow. ViCre makes sure that CEOs, HR-professionals and enterprise leaders don’t lose track and stay true to their vision when riding these waves of change.

Since 2004, ViCre’s offbeat, revolutionary approach towards Innovation, Sales, Care and Enterprise Excellence has led to enhanced effectiveness, efficiency, accountability and profitable, sustainable growth with a multitude of international clients. Throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas, happy customers, co-workers and shareholders daily enjoy the fruits of these thriving enterprises.

“It’s not words that I want to convey, I will refrain from that, since there is such richness in every soul. But this richness needs awakening. Transmission is the attention we pay to others, bringing out the best in them.”
— Christiane Singer, French writer, essayist and novelist

ViCre's aim is to let businesses rise above everyday chaos by providing them with a general, modular language to smoothly communicate about operational and innovation processes throughout all levels of business. As this language is co-created with its users, it is always evolving and adapting to new needs, but its foundations, its cornerstones are rock solid. The cornerstones of all things change in ViCre-language are Chaos, Dream and Value (see other tabs).

Life equals disorder. The universe started out of nothing but chaos, and ever since, so do all innovations. Chaos is the first cornerstone of anything ViCre: It’s the spark that ignites any transformation process. We encourage business leaders to accept and embrace disorder, rather than fight it. Because laws of nature simply can’t be resisted.

Evolution goes hand in hand with uncertainty. Acknowledging that important part of reality is the only way to deal with life and to get the most out of it. Chaos exposes and unveils. When things go nonlinear, masks in the business theatre fall. The art is to acknowledge there’s chaos and turn turbulent situations to your advantage.

In chaos, the key is to be found to every solution – unexpected patterns and shapes that make us look differently at the world. In chaos, strong leaders eventually will bring peace, quiet and structure.


ViCre’s second cornerstone is the ability to dream. In business transformation, distancing yourself from the physical world is paramount for business leaders. You should be able to let your thoughts float away, beyond the boundaries of reality to get to new approaches, insights, people, concepts or technology that can benefit your company.

And yes, it’s difficult to think beyond the pile of files on your desktop and the red flags on your incoming emails. As human beings, we are inclined to say no to the unfamiliar. Dreaming however becomes easier, not with your eyes closed, but when they are open, as well as your ears and your mind. All it takes is an unbiased and welcoming attitude.

Having a dream is the start, fulfilling your dream is the goal.




Value is the third cornerstone in the ViCre philosophy. Just like embracing chaos, and the capacity to dream, we esteem value creation as a critical asset for good leadership and an enterprise’s survival. Value comes in many shapes and sizes. Due to global market shifts, political power play, societal trends, or just the mood of the day on social media, what is worth paying for (customers), working for (employees) or investing in (shareholders), may be worthless tomorrow. Value is an irrational, ephemeral thing, and value erosion forces organizations to continuously act upon market changes and innovate non-stop to create new and different sorts of value.

We believe value creation in enterprises can only be achieved by a constructive attitude; an attitude of adding something meaningful. It is acquired by a collective mental alertness and repeated alignment and engagement with all stakeholders in the value creation process, resulting in value chains that are engineered and managed to perfection.


Can You Connect with Our Values?

Sustainability & continuity

At ViCre we aspire to build sustainable organizations. We love to take a deep dive into enterprises to create a culture of continuous improvement and a business that is always on standby for changes to come. It is our conviction that enterprises can go quite far reinventing themselves by using their own resources, relying on their internal capacity and knowledge to achieve change.

Resilience & agility

A healthy business requires continual adjustments in real time, so to speak. Even if your organization is the size of a whale following a steady course, you want it to move like a pod of nimble dolphins, chasing opportunities whenever they present. But exploring new roads however doesn't always lead to success. Relapses force us to build resilience and to learn from our mistakes. To make progress in times of adversity, we need to learn how to bounce back and bounce back even higher.

Authenticity & transparancy

We are who we are and that is the reality we need to work with. Business transformation is as much about improving ourselves as it is about improving processes and products. At ViCre, we believe that everyone has the potential to grow and become the best of whoever they want to be. All it takes is humble, respectful leaders that can look with fresh eyes at their co-workers’ skills and capacities.

When we are open to mastering new skills, having new experiences, and expanding our knowledge base – when we are ready to learn – we can rise to the highest level and reach our full potential.