From Whale to Dolphin

ViCre deep dives into enterprises to better implement present and future goals.

In control of your business through Enterprise Excellence

Business leaders must grasp today’s market opportunities, while delivering tomorrow’s results and, if slightly possible, keeping an eye on the future. In an ever increasingly combative and unstable business environment as we know our world today, it is the only way to stand up straight and make progress indeed.

Some companies are better at this than others. They always seem to be one step ahead and excel in their businesses. Do lucky shots take credit for this, or is there a sophisticated system behind it?

Think about your own enterprise. Are you excelling in your market? Or does your success depend on breaking-fixing and one-trick pony sales strategies? Is your current business architecture and corporate culture enhancing your business or is it slowing down the implementation of your vision?

Imagine by communicating more efficiently and effectively, you could turn your enterprise into a dynamic, pro-active, innovative and resourceful organization. Imagine you could do this in a controlled way, based on a steady rhythm of strategic thinking and acting?


“Imagine you could make progress at light speed, without exhaustion?”
— Then here’s some good news for you...


At ViCre, we are convinced that excelling in business is the only way to ensure profitable growth on the short, mid and long term and build sustainable, futureproof organisations. It will make your enterprise stand out from the crowd, because:

  • Customers adore your company as you provide them with the best user experience ever
  • Employees just love your brand and the exciting career paths you offer
  • Shareholders believe in your business because your management and forecasting strategies pay off

Enterprise Excellence is the synergy between effectiveness, efficiency and execution.


Doing the right things because of vision creation and alignment.


Doing the things right as a result of operational excellence and knowledge creation.


Successful execution thanks to outstanding progress management.

The plan of approach

Oceans do rock and roll, and so do business environments. Since business perspectives constantly shift, your organisation will have to swiftly respond to market opportunities as they present themselves and adjust direction from time to time. To keep up and adapt the internal speed of your organization to the pace of the outside world, you should continuously improve and reinvent your organization. The secret to keep the speed of innovation, your daily operations and profits in balance without squeezing out your people and resources is to:

  • Always prioritize: Thoughtfully choose projects that have the greatest impact on reaching your vision in return for feasible efforts. Don’t lose your head and stick to these decisions.
  • Launch your actions in semi-parallel, at a steady rhythm. Don’t jump-start all your strategic projects at once, but measure them out. By alternating projects with different impact scopes and deadlines and allocating small teams to well-defined projects in time, you avoid putting all your eggs in one basket and distribute the risk of financial and operational setbacks.



Iterate, until you have reached your goal. Finding a good rhythm to continuously jump back and forward between these 5 steps is essential for successful project execution. It’s a dynamic process, requiring continuous fine-tuning and real-time adjustments. Communication is key here. Provide enough feedback loops and meetings in your project architecture to keep it agile. Scrum, redefine, reprioritize, and adapt when needed.

— Annelies Helsen