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Value creation is the heartbeat of a business. Without it, businesses fade away. The 4 Colors represent ViCre’s color-coding model, symbolizing the ‘golden ratio’ for value creation in profitable, sustainable businesses.


Eddy Helsen

Receiving from the Ocean - Doing the right things right in business

As a business leader you dream, you envision your enterprise thriving in a better world. You know that change will propel your business forward. Imagine you could do this in the best possible way, supported by your entire workforce, and progressing at the speed of light. You can this, after reading this book.
Eddy Helsen

Reaching Horizons - When in Business Thinking and Acting Become One

When in Business Thinking and Acting Become One Think colors and act value. Enjoy green, create space for blue. Extinguish red. Yellow is the key How as a company leader can you make sure thinking and acting become one? How can an enterprise enhance its innovative power and decisiveness by speaking one uniform, modular language?…
Stir it Up with Yellow Time!

Spending your day

To pinpoint the 20 percent of activities that lead to 80 percent of your results, you need time to think. In our daily hustle and bustle however, we all complain about being too busy and that our glasses are too full. Well, here’s a quick fix to that: Pour some yellow time in. Yellow time is vacant time during your daily routine. It’s reflection time, an invitation to yourself to analyse whether you are working on the right things in the right way.