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To keep your vision and targets laser-sharp in business, you need multiple waypoints en route. You regularly need to take a break to reconsider your thoughts and see things from different perspective(s). On this page, you’ll find food for thought of different flavors – we regularly publish books, podcasts, videos and articles, to feed your mind, eyes and ears, to help (re)calibrating position towards your goals.

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Eddy Helsen

Receiving from the Ocean - Doing the right things right in business

To succesfully operate in this era of rapid technological and societal change, ruled by demanding customers, shareholders, employees and an environment in distress, today's and tomorrow's leaders need a receptive, humble mind to create dynamic and resilient enterprises. At ViCre, we call this 'Receiving from the Ocean'. As a unique collection of management, assessment and…
Eddy Helsen

Reaching Horizons - When in Business Thinking and Acting Become One - 2nd Edition

This book wants to encourage leaders in a philosophical way and bring them back to the roots of leadership and performance. How as a company leader can you make sure thinking and acting become one? How can an enterprise enhance its innovative power and decisiveness by speaking one language? On general request of ViCre’s clients,…

ViCre library

At ViCre we believe in reading. Reading about personal growth, about management and leadership, about specific business topics, and about understanding humans and human relationships. The spectrum is broad. Enjoy to receive from the ocean.

Reading a book, starts with buying a book. Hereby, we present you a series of books to get you started: old timers, classics and some new ideas.

Stir it Up with Yellow Time!

To pinpoint the 20 percent of activities that lead to 80 percent of your results, you need time to think. In our daily hustle and bustle however, we all complain about being too busy and that our glasses are too full. Well, here’s a quick fix to that: Pour some yellow time in. Yellow time is vacant time during your daily routine. It’s reflection time, an invitation to yourself to analyse whether you are working on the right things in the right way.




The Sweet Spot


Yellow time




The Dolphin System


Sweet Spot


From Erosion to Sales Explosion


Enjoy 2021


Imagine 2020


In our newsletter you’ll find food for thought of different flavors – books, podcasts, videos and articles – to feed your mind, eyes and ears, to help (re)calibrating position towards your goals.