Reaching Horizons

Reaching Horizons

When thinking and acting in business become one

How as a company leader can you make sure thinking and acting become one? How can an enterprise enhance its innovative power and decisiveness by speaking one uniform, modular language? ‘Reaching Horizons’ has been written to inspire. This book wants to encourage leaders in a philosophical way and bring them back to the roots of leadership and performance. Author Eddy Helsen is the founder of ViCre, corporate reference in strategic advice, knowledge creation, leadership development and business transformation.

On the request of ViCre’s customers, Eddy was asked to collect his thoughts and insights and write them down, resulting in this inspirational book. It’s the re ection of a search for perfect connectedness, leading to contented customers, colleagues, shareholders and a happy environment. Business metaphors and values such as sustainability, authenticity, continuity, agility and resilience are the protagonists on its pages.

“Think colors and act value. Enjoy green, create space for blue. Extinguish red. Yellow is the key.”
— Eddy Helsen

Reaching Horizons. When in business thinking and acting become one
Eddy Helsen | 135 p. | 21,5 € / 24 $ + shipping costs (free for BE & NL) | ISBN 9789491803185 | hardcover 16,5 x 23,5 cm


HR Director Laco

Solange De Bondt

This book inspires, makes you think, is sometimes confrontational, sometimes friendly. In its apparent simplicity, it sometimes goes deep into the essence. By taking distance, you sail closer to your goal. Everyone adding to the company within their own responsibilities. Very inviting to get in touch with ViCre.

- Translated from Dutch -

Director Legrand Group Belgium

Ronny De Backer

In this book, Eddy Helsen describes, in a pleasantly readable and simple way, the core of leadership and entrepreneurship.

- Translated from Dutch -

Belgian Minister of State

Mark Eyskens

This work is a particularly successful alloy of business philosophy, ethics, poetry and education. Each chapter encourages reflection and meditation. In our society there is a lot of participation without insight and pronunciation without prospect. Reaching Horizons places signposts and milestones. The book is also therapeutic to some degree. Moreover, the author uses very successful metaphors that expose the invisible.

- Translated from Dutch -