Sales Tactics

Sales Tactics

From proven strategies to premium sales tactics

Talented hunters are successful because they decide which targets to chase before going out venturing in the wild. Based on informed decisions, they can bring the right tools and instruments. They have an idea of how much provision they need and pretty much know how much time their undertaking will take.

Chasing the right targets is a challenging but crucial activity for the future of your company. The acquisition of new customers entails more than just preventing that your customer portfolio deflates. Your sales approach directly impacts your sales costs and has a huge influence on your brand perception. Sales is a complex profession. It thus needs to be done professionally.

How will this workshop make a difference?

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In this ViCre workshop, sales people will learn how to discover patterns in sales activities. Next, they will learn how to develop the corresponding sales tactics to approach their customers so they can increase their success rate. This new strategy can be applied with both new and existing customers.

Well-defined and targeted sales tactics increase the quality and the quantity of your sales leads and thus enhance the volume of profitable customers. Junior salespersons will be able to significantly flatten the learning curve when they can learn from experienced people who share proven tactics and know all about the ins and outs of your markets and customers. Thanks to a better understanding of the buying process, resource allocation will be optimized and the right people will contribute where they can add value the most.


  • Definition and description of applicable sales tactics
  • Opportunity and account plans to implement these sales tactics
  • Follow-through techniques to increase both the quantity and quality of sales leads