From proven to best in class sales tactics

Sales Tactics

From proven to best in class sales tactics

Even the most talented hunter is more successful when has decided upfront the kind of wildlife he was to go for, and based on that decision takes the right weapon, uses it in the right way and is prepared with the right amount of ammunition. And as important: has decided which kind of wildlife he wants to go for.

Hunting is difficult and crucial for the future of the company. The acquisition of new customers should be more than just a compensation for the natural erosion of your customer portfolio. The way your salespersons approach a prospect has a direct impact on your sales costs and on your brand. Hunting is a profession. It needs to be done professionally.


In the ViCre workshop, sales people learn to discover patterns in sales tactics and apply them on current and future opportunities to enhance success rate. This is done both for new and existing customers. Defined and applied sales tactics increase the quality and the quantity of sales contacts, thus leading to profitable contracts for the company. Junior salespersons will be faster on board if they can follow proven tactics. Thanks to a better understanding of the buying process, resource allocation will be optimized and the right people will contribute where they can add the most value.


Definition and description of applicable Sales tactics
Opportunity or account plans to implement the sales tactics
Follow-through techniques (quantity and quality)