From telling to selling

The Sales Conversation

From telling to selling

Customers love to share their experiences, both the negative and the positive ones. As a customer, there’s nothing worse than having the impression that you’re not being taken seriously behind the desk, right?

In commercial pitches and prospection conversations, during distribution and customer care, many sales people indeed just push. They overload customers with information, details or choices. They just keep on chattering without listening to what customers are really asking for. But telling ain’t selling, as the saying goes.

The reasons why customers desire things are endless, but always personal, and often emotional and irrational. As a supplier, you want to get a little grip on the dynamics and motives that drive purchasing behavior so that, thinking of solutions, you can operate on solid, evidence-based ground. To gain trust and establish a sales click, it all comes down to lending your ear and figuring out the critical, unique issues that puzzle your buyer audience. Salespeople who show genuine interest in their customers are able to come up with perfectly fitting solutions and build customer relationships that last.


How will this workshop make a difference?

Your Delta

In this ViCre workshop, salespeople learn how to become more customer-oriented and how to engage in decent, genuine conversations with their audiences. We create awareness about how sales activities relate to other parts of the value/supply chain and why this interdependency is fundamental in the sales process.

The more you are aware of your customer’s dreams, the better you can anticipate how to offer what you have to offer. Feeling cared for and understood will create willingness to collaborate. As a supplier you will be able to collect the right answers and make accurate assessments of your customers. Repetitive contact, deep industry knowledge, empathy, smart communication tactics and continuous research are key elements here. Unceasing empathy will enable you to push the right buttons every time you meet again, to ultimately present your customer with a business proposal that is hard to refuse.


  • Proven techniques to detect the hidden structures behind the real needs of your customer
  • Insights to understand the full scope of your sales operations
  • Interviewing and selling techniques
  • Skills to measure out the right resources at the right time in the sales process
  • Drafting proposals after the business conversation
  • Increased connectivity with your sales back office 
  • Exchange of best practices 
  • An aligned sales team
  • Modular template to efficiently and effective report about sales activities