Sales Planning

Sales Planning

From full to targeted sales funnel

The quality of your sales funnel is a good barometer of how futureproof your company is. Very often, the sales funnel is the result of reactive sales rather than a well thought of, pro-active, targeted approach towards the right markets, leading towards the right volume of meaningful opportunities for the company.

As your sales directly impact your operations, service… and the value of your shares, a healthy, trustworthy sales funnel deserves your dedicated attention.


How will this workshop make a difference?

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In this ViCre workshop, your sales representatives first of all learn how to define and prioritize targets. When these targets are known and set, they’ll learn how to plan the necessary activities in order to close leads.

We’ll explain how the health and trustworthiness of your sales funnel can be managed with a smart monitoring system of sales activities. As each sales activity will be targeted, salespersons will know exactly where to go, why and when.

Result: less sales time erosion, increased hit rates and considerable improvement of internal connectedness with your delivery and service departments.


  • Defined/prioritized product-market combinations
  • Prioritized addresses/targets
  • Planning techniques
  • Activity-based forecast
  • Aligned understanding of market segmentation and added value