From opportunities to priorities

Vision Creation

From opportunities to priorities

Every day, we are faced with new opportunities and a myriad of inputs and impulses. As a business leader, you – and your workforce – are confronted daily with dozens of high-priority messages, from superiors, shareholders, customers, suppliers, colleagues and the outside world. These often conflicting messages blur your vision and make it difficult to focus.

A sharp vision on which goals to reach in the near and distant future is however key to maintain direction and make progress. For a vision to be fruitful, there can only be one. This will help you focus your energy on that target point in time, without wasting it elsewhere.

To achieve your vision you should break it into smaller intermediate goals. Therefore, you need to make an inventory of actions in order to get from A to B. Then pare this list down and set priorities, and stick to those choices. To progress with determination, you will however need to step back and recalibrate your vision regularly, according to the information and data available to you at that point in time. It’s ViCre’s firm conviction that this non-stop oscillation between thinking and acting is the best possible way to move forward and reach goals.



How Will this Workshop Make the Difference?

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This ViCre workshop enables leaders to get their company vision laser-sharp and how to align it with the rest of the leadership team and their colleagues. Don’t be mistaken here. When talking about vision creation, we don’t mean brainstorming with your head in the clouds. It above all entails the practical conversion of a future dream for the company to reality by critical thinking, in order to reach targets.

Although each member of a leadership team has his own responsibilities and jurisdiction, this approach will enable the leadership team to act as one solid entity towards the rest of the company. In this training module, leaders learn that short, mid and long term visions all start today, at the same time, and why that is so. You’ll learn how to avoid getting trapped in short-term thinking, by initiating various strategic projects that fit different time frames, budgets and scopes in parallel.

Originating from one single strong vision, these projects will become complementary drivers towards a common future. You’ll learn how to organize self-regulating teams to fulfill these strategic initiatives and how to manage these teams both on a daily basis and a longitudinal way.



  • A clear vision, aligned with the company vision
  • A theoretical framework and tools to reach this vision
  • A fully-fledged strategy to implement this vision
  • An inventory of prioritized and strategic initiatives