From opportunities to priorities


From opportunities to priorities

These last years, enterprises are facing an overload of business opportunities. A sharp vision is therefore key to maintain the focus, move fast and with agility. This vision will have to be broken down into smaller objectives to reach the goal. It means you’ll have to make an inventory of possible actions. Implementing all these actions in one single movement is unrealistic. You must pare the list down to what really matters.

In other words you will have to set priorities, follow through on them and repeat this with a steady rhythm.


After a workshop facilitated by ViCre, the vision of your company is defined and sharpened for the short, mid and long term. The Leadership Team understands their mutual and own liability in its realization: within their own scope and as sponsor of strategic projects. These strategic projects are methodologically selected based on their potential impact, cost and revenue. Each project is initiated and sponsored at Leadership Team level. The Leadership Team shows one face to the inner and outer world, and embodies in their daily answers, decisions and actions the vision of the company.


Clear objectives
Inventory of strategic initiatives
Prioritized initiative