From talented to exceptional sales leader

Sales Leadership

From talented to exceptional sales leader

The difference between leadership and management: it’s a much-debated subject on business management sites. In general, leadership is the alleged ‘inspirational’ way of heading a team, while management is the more ‘controlling’ style of giving guidance. We are convinced that a true sales leader joins both aspects of leadership and management in a balanced way.

As a leader, the quality of the sales pipeline deserves part of your attention, why the other half of your time you should focus on tracking progress. You need to make sure your team concentrates on selling the right product-market combinations, and you need to oversee the strategies and tactics of your salesforce. Directing the pursuit of quality in your team entails the coaching aspect of your job: You encourage people to ask the right questions, you enable them to find answers. At the same time however, progress needs to be monitored on the validation of opportunities the company is working on. As a manager, you at all times need to keep an overview of who is where to do what. Here it’s all about follow-up, follow-through and reviewing of what has been done so far, and what needs to be done further to succeed.

Finding equilibrium between managing and leading is thus a continuous challenge, since as a sales leader, you need to embody sort of a hybrid creature, combining the social and soft skills of a caring mother and the hard, rational attitude of the bully with the whip.

How Will this Workshop Make the Difference?

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After having participated in this ViCre workshop, anyone in a leading sales position will grow into yet a different level of authority. You will evolve from being ‘just’ a talented sales professional to a full-blown sales leader, who knows how and when to inspire his teams, but who isn’t afraid to confront and correct people when needed. Coaching will be your preferenced leadership style, rather than commanding.

You will be able to develop long-term sales plans (upwards & downwards) and a substantiated priority matrix to guide your sales team, resulting in increased general performance. As your sales approach from now on will be much more focussed and targeted, your teams will be more motivated to operate according to a common sales vision.


  • A personal development plan for leadership, based on self-acceptance and self-development
  • A smoother and accelerated transition from mid-level to high-level management
  • Tools, frameworks and practices to help you grow into your role as a multidisciplinary head of department, who manages with competence and leads with purpose
  • Increased cohesion in your teams