From talented to professional sales leader

Sales Leadership

From talented to professional sales leader

In business literature a lot has been said on the difference between leadership and management. Leadership is in that case the inspirational, management the controlling style of heading a team. We are convinced that a true sales leader joins both aspects of leadership and management in a balanced way.

As a leader, the focus is on the quality of the pipeline: how to make sure that we focus on the right product market combinations, what are the kind of tactics we will use, … This is the coaching aspect of the job: helping the team to ask the right questions internally and externally.At the same time progress has to be made on the opportunities that the companies is working on, and the manager needs an overview on who is where to do what. Here follow up comes in and focus is on what has been done, where we are and what next steps are.

Finding the right balance between managing and leading is a continuous challenge, as a Sales Leader should be a subtle mix of the bully with the whip and the caring mother.


After the ViCre guidance you have moved from talented sales professional to a sales leader. You will have sales plans (up & down) and a priority matrix to guide the sales team. The team itself will have a higher performance level. All this together results in a much more focused sales approach and a motivated sales team making progress within the vision.


Activity based forecasting
Planned connectedness
Focus on successful product market combinations