From project to profit

Progress Management

From project to profit

Leaders want to make impact. Too often promising projects silently fade away. Follow up and follow through is the only way fight this. To monitor advancement on your business processes, you need instruments that can calibrate the progress. You need to identify the right KPI’s, measurable values that demonstrate how effectively your business or business project is moving on.

A project never leaving the project phase stays a cost. It has to be turned into daily business in order to generate profit.



ViCre facilitates progress meetings on both project and business as usual level. We ensure focus on those KPI’s that matter and learn people how to implement a process guaranteeing follow through.

This leads to  brief and simple progress meetings: giving updates on where the company or project stands with regard to its measure points and what next actions are to come to the set objectives.


Planned progress meetings
Structured approach
Unified project & Business as usual language