From project to profit

Progress Management

From project to sustainable profit

As an enterprise leader you want to generate impact. To implement your vision, you need to keep your team(s) moving, following the beat of your drum, despite setbacks and failures.

Many business projects that were successfully initiated however end up in outer space because people get entangled in a web of excessive engagements and meetings. Communication lines get blurred, there is insufficient project reporting and a delusional focus on results. Projects which never leave the development phase impose a heavy burden on an enterprise’s resources.

Fortunately, there are some straightforward remedies for that: Repeated follow-through and progress monitoring in an institutional, rational way, based on well-defined KPIs, fixed communication formats, and a firm project development rhythm. This will enable you to proceed decisively with your teams: you will always have a clear overview and perfectly understand what they are building, how far the work has progressed, and whether that work is on, ahead of, or behind schedule. An established, constant methodology to manage progress will allow any project to reach completion easily, in order for it to convert into business as usual and generate durable profit.


ViCre facilitates workshops to improve progress management on both project and business level. In these sessions, we make sure participants focus on the right things and see the forest for the trees again.

To pave the way for progress and the implementation of goals, it is important that employees can always see clearly ahead in the internal customer-supplier network of an organization. Very often, people get lost in their scope of work because they engage for too many people and projects. Working for everybody, they end up working for no one. We create awareness about customer-supplier relationships and help to define and recognize priority engagements so people can get back at delivering to the promise.

Also, a culture of control pushed to the extreme can be a serious impediment to project implementation. To re-empower your co-workers, we provide the tools and intellectual operating frame to foster a culture of self-management and self-monitoring. Key control instruments here are KPI’s and institutionalized reporting formats that are easy to use and understandable to all.


  • Insight in customer-supplier networks and how to define priority engagements
  • Leadership capacity to setup and manage progress as an en enduring business process, to be monitored in a longitudinal way
  • Insight in the strategic importance of KPIs and how to use them in your reporting
  • Clear reporting blueprints