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Newsletter July 2022

A summer full of books

At ViCre we believe in reading. Reading about personal growth, about management and leadership, about specific business topics, and about understanding humans and human relationships. The spectrum is broad. Enjoy to receive from the ocean.

Reading a book, starts with buying a book. Hereby, we present you a series of books to get you started: old timers, classics and some new ideas.

Have a great summer!


Newsletter March 2022

Create Awarenes, Get commitment

Understanding your enterprise and constantly analyzing its results is important to operate at your most successful. But what’s even more important and crucial for fully grasping your business and improving it, is seeing things as they really are.

4 Colors towards Enterprise Excellence

Enterprise Excellence is the result of balancing 4 colored ‘activity paths’: Increase Performance, Create Awareness, Enable Transformation, Solve Issues. It means there is no wrong place to start, you choose the color that fits your current business challenge best.

Is Yours a Learning Organization? (HBR)

Newsletter January 2022

The Future Workforce

The relationship between employees and employers is changing and we see 3 main challenges emerging:
1. How to attract, grow and retain talent?
2. How to manage a remote workforce?
3. How do we build strong connections within and between our teams?

How Leaders Can Balance the Needs to Perform and to Transform

Leaders are facing two relentless sources of pressure right now. The first is the intense demand to perform — despite some radical shifts. The second is the urgent need to transform — to reimagine the future and to reinvent your company’s strategy and culture to win that future. (HBR)

Newsletter June 2021

Reaching Horizons – Window Cleaner

A sharp and clear vision is essential. It enables us To step back. To see further. To tell the difference between sense and nonsense. To progress. Sometimes I can’t do this alone. Then, I’m happy that you are there.

You, a leader, a colleague, a customer, a supplier, a friend…

A CDO to get your data house in order?

What do Coca-Cola and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have in common? Both recently hired their first Chief Data Officer. In 2021, fewer and fewer companies doubt the primacy of data. They realized it improves customer loyalty, boosts revenue and increases operational efficiencies.” (Built In)

Newsletter April 2021

The Power of Existing Business

Going after new customers is of course a must-do. However, caring for the existing ones is also crucial. If you do the latter in a smart way, you do not only get satisfied customers, it will also generate an additional and, more-over, predictable revenue stream.
This is where the Care system comes in. You can discover it in our white paper.

The Importance Of Perseverance

Perseverance and persistence are equally crucial in the work required to turn a business into a viable enterprise, given the challenges and roadblocks thrown up along the way. It allow us to achieve those goals in the face of obstacles that would otherwise derail us. (Forbes)