From hard work to smart work

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From hard work to smart work

“We have always done it that way” is a business killer. Finding innovative products, reinventing the way we work, mutualizing our knowledge and expertise is necessary to remain ahead of (disruptive) competition, increase customer loyalty, meet shareholders’ expectations and take up social responsibility challenges.

Serving a world on the move, you will have to make small and big adjustments non-stop to your organization. On top of your enterprise’s day-to-day activities, you will need to tweak existing business processes by making them smarter, faster or more efficient. And sometimes, you will want to dive deeper in the unknown and develop an entirely new product or service.



ViCre enables in the knowledge creation workshops the blending of tacit knowledge with explicit knowledge and the creation of new knowledge. When applied  companywide, implemented knowledge leads to aligned processes and smooth interfaces between departments with clear roles and responsibilities throughout the enterprise. Relevant knowledge is stored and accessible for all involved. New products are identified, and processes are developed or adapted to make sure these products can be developed, tested, sold, delivered and cared in a profitable way.

In parallel, the participants learn a repeatable methodology to make the company more agile, so that when the music out there changes, they can gracefully change their dance.


Described processes
Optimized processes
Roles and responsibilities
Tacit knowledge – stored and shared