From hard work to smart work

Process & content design

From hard work to smart work

The phrase “We have always done it that way” is a business killer. Finding innovative products, creating smoother business flows, reinventing the way we work, mutualizing our knowledge and expertise is necessary to remain ahead of the competition, increase customer loyalty, meet shareholders’ expectations, and take up social responsibility challenges.

Serving a world on the move, you will have to make small and big adjustments non-stop to your organization. Sometimes, you will need to tweak existing business processes and make them smarter, faster or more efficient,… you name it. And sometimes, you will need to dive deeper in the unknown and develop an entirely new product, service or experience.

Looking for business solutions, corporations tend to overlook the enormous stockpiles of knowledge and talent within their organization. By fully honoring and validating your resources, creating new value for your company is less hard and less expensive. There is always more potential for innovation within your business than you think!




How Will this Workshop Make the Difference?

Your Delta

Process and content design both fall under the heading of knowledge creation at ViCre. As launching novelties from complete scratch is a terrible waste of valuable time and energy, you want your newly designed business processes and content to be developed based on knowledge, expertise, and design, rather than gut feeling, right?

In our knowledge creation workshops, we work on launching strategic initiatives to re-engineer your business. We’ll instruct you about the fundamental difference between ‘business as usual’ (BAU) strategic initiatives and those that require more disruptive innovation. To preserve your BAU and make sure your daily operations keep on generating revenue, you will need to constantly make changes without doing anything profoundly different. In contrast, to ensure your company’s long term growth, there is the much more risky strategic initiative where you need to manage higher levels of uncertainty and unpredictability.

These two innovation scenarios require different management styles and resources. For both business scripts, participants learn how to create the right mindset and how to set up expert teams who are able to look outside-in and inside-out of the company, and how to blend tacit with explicit enterprise knowledge to make strategic initiatives a success.



  • Clearly defined new/improved business processes,
  • Engineered according to ViCre’s Fast-Flowing Value Stream Model
  • A vivid pipeline of new business solutions that can be smoothly integrated into your organization
  • Smoother collaboration between business departments
  • Clear roles and responsibilities to all involved
  • Easy accessible, well-organised inventory of new and existing company knowledge