From employment to empowerment

Employee contribution

From employment to empowerment

On average, we spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, during most weeks of the year at work. That’s a whole lot of time, better to be spent usefully and meaningfully, for the employee’s wellbeing and the company’s sake.

To make a difference in today’s world, to feel happy and perform optimally, we all need to believe that what we do really matters – to ourselves, to the company, to society. Achieving excellent results entails more than just a quick chat with people to make them invest their hard labor in exchange for your salary. Ideally, you want them to put a bit of their hearts and soul into their work too, because they have a shared purpose and feel they have a future in your organization.

Standing out as an employer and fostering a motivated workforce is all about serving that perfect cocktail of professional belonging, freedom to operate, personal development and career perspectives.


Your Delta

Successful leadership ánd a high-performing team starts with self-awareness. Delivering value to each other can only be achieved by understanding ourselves, and each other’s needs. To make your organization greater than the sum of its parts, we believe one-on-one meetings with leaders/managers and their co-workers are essential.

In our employee contribution workshops, we provide leaders with the intellectual framework to facilitate personal dialogues and establish synergy, the energy that is established through the combined power of inspired people working together for a common vision. Getting the picture straight on individual workloads, might ask some time, but your efforts will pay itself back tenfold. You will not only receive valuable direct feedback reports from your managers and employees, you will also be able to design a common way forward.

Individually aligned objectives allow for a better balance between trust and control, which will bring more peace of mind for everyone. As a leader, you can set clear boundaries. By discussing what really matters, your co-workers can quit doing activities that don’t add value, and create more space for the things that make a difference, for the stuff they are or can become good at. Allowing co-workers to explore and improve will make them feel they have a future in your organization. The more involved your employees will feel, the more meaning they will get out of their jobs, the more productive they will become, with a huge impact on work quality.


  • Unique feedback and feedforward from your employees
  • Personal mission statements and growth plans, to be used as a mutual references to help achieve goals
  • Role & responsibility alignment
  • Increased sense of belonging and thus performance in the workspace
  • The creation of a ‘Talent Cloud’, a huge database containing different skills, profiles, backgrounds, experiences and education, to better cater to the current and future needs of your organization.