From employment to empowerment

Employee contribution

From employment to empowerment

People spend on average 8 hours a day, 5 days a week at work, and this for 40 weeks a year. That is a lot of time. It is way too much nót to make the most out of the time spent; and this is true both for the company and the employee.

Doing meaningful work is what really motivates employees. In order to be able to distinguish meaningful from meaningless work,  one need to understand the business context of the own area of responsibility. A good comprehension of the why gives the opportunity to proactively contribute.

Going home with the satisfaction of having done something meaningful and being rewarded for it will increase the employees’ workplace satisfaction, improve their overall happiness and prevent them from leaving the company for a new opportunity. All of this will improve the company’s productivity – and their bottom line.


ViCre facilitates individual contribution sessions. In these sessions the employee has to take a deep dive in his area of responsibility. The result is a clear understanding of the role and responsibility within the company, of the scope and the potential. The employee has a clear vision on the current situation and where he wants to be on the short, mid and long term, aligned with the company vision.

Employees will find out that an entrepreneurial spirit will move them forward, together with the company. Why not call it a win-win?


Personal scope description, within the company vision
Role & responsibility alignment
Individual progress plans