From fishing to catching the opportunity


From fishing to catching the opportunity

In the sales process, there is this very special, particular momentum where you as a salesperson just know that, if all goes to plan, you will be able to close the deal. You can sense it, you just feel it’s in the air. At ViCre we call this moment ‘the click moment’. It is hard to predict when exactly you’ll reach this point in your sales conversations. One thing however is certain: without hard preparation and asking the right questions at the right moment at the right person, click moments can’t ever be reached.

A click moment is the delicate tipping point where potential becomes reality, and business proposals can turn into contracts. Up till the click moment, all activity that has been spent on the sales opportunity is to be considered as a cost, as there is no guarantee about a positive result. Once the click has been established however, your efforts turn into a genuine investment with a high chance of a positive return, as the forecastability of your actions has considerably increased. The fish is on the hook now, you only have to reel it in.

How will this workshop make a difference?

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After participating in this ViCre workshop, salespeople will understand precisely how the click moment relates to the sales process and how to evoke it, using the right tactics and resources. As a result, the reliability of sales forecasts will increase, sales costs will drop and resource allocation will improve.


  • Recognition of high probability sales opportunities
  • Communication skills to increase customer-centric selling and enhance customer demand
  • A proven theoretical framework to define and successfully validate customer needs