Care Excellence: Driving continuity and opportunities

Warmth & Trust

Going after new customers is of course a must-do. However, caring for the existing ones is also crucial. Service or Customer Care is more than just the superhero squad that helps your customers out when they are in trouble.  If you Care for your customers in a smart way, you do not only get satisfied customers, it will also generate an additional and, more-over, predictable revenue stream.

At ViCre we believe that to be excellent in care there needs to be a framework that makes sure that customers are served in the right way at the right time. This framework is a composition of strong leadership, care as an integrated department, a driven, competent crew, good tools and a streamlined care process. When this framework is up and running, there is no need for superheroes anymore, just ordinary people with the right skills doing the right things.

The Care system will not only benefit the traditional care activities. Modern Care teams need to do more than break-fix alone, it is also about break-down predictability, preventive maintenance, selling spare parts, updates, upgrades, … and – last but not least – paving the road for new projects. Well performed Care, with warmth, will make the customer wanting to buy again because there is trust.

Tools to steer

Care consists of so many aspects that going with the flow puts the employees and the organization under tremendous pressure. With timely and relevant data Care can be proactive.

All the process-steps mentioned above generate data. If these data are used in the right way, they will result in planning and scheduling overviews for the near term, and insights for longer term. Those insights will help to take the right decisions, when it comes to resource allocations, capability needs, to be developed products, …

Data about past, present and future activities will help Care leaders and top management to set priorities, measure KPI’s, and steer and correct where needed.

Data are necessary to manage the process in a good way. It will be sensed by the customers and by your staff. Data make the difference between Care managing the circumstances or Care being managed by the circumstances.


Basic ingredients for the Care process

Pro-active Care

Being prepared is about gathering all the information needed to (virtually) plan all forecasted activities for a long period. It will reveal opportunities or gaps in the resources. You'll be able to act pro-actively and set your own priorities for the real world .


Build the customer relation

It means doing the activities you promised, showing you really care about their business. Not blindly, but with everyone involved understanding the chosen Care tactic, their role and equipped with the right toolbox (virtual or real) to execute the activities.


Make it a continuous loop

Care is not the end of the Value Chain, it is part of an endless loop. Care has to make sure that they loop back to other process steps in the company. By continuing we will ensure this connection and prepare for the next iteration in Innovation, Sales and, of course, Care.