(For)ever green

You can only progress on ‘something’, not on air. At ViCre we call that something, a line. A line is a kind of project that you recognized in the chaos of your daily work. Within each company there are many lines: lines of customers, project lines, …

Following up on those lines and even more, make sure they are finished is for proactive people. But, how do you do it?

You start by identifying the purpose of the project, choosing one idea that is feasible out of thousands. You will develop it and then you will have to launch and sell it internally. To sell internally means that you must tell them they’ll have to implement and do it. Once it has been sold, you must follow-up its application, re-adjust if needed and ensure that it gets a green color. For ViCre green means predictable positive added value. Until then, it’s blue, innovation, we do not yet know whether it will deliver added value.

Within a line, you will think ahead about what you are going to do. We call that planning. When you follow the line and the planning you will play some kind of a song, the song of planning. It’s great if there are multiple lines on which you can play the same song, in other words, the same process. You can then enjoy the repeat. In the end, your songs will become real-world evergreens.